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Pa Dutch Region of  the AACA

. The PA Dutch Region of the Antique

Automobile Club of America was

chartered in October 1984 by AACA.


The purpose of this Region is to

supplement the activities of the AACA and to provide actual enjoyment of its members.

It provides a region for local people

to join who have not affiliated themselves with any other AACA region.


Pa Dutch Region AACA 2016 Member Form     




 Pa Dutch Region By-Laws      
Pa Dutch Region Policies & Procedure                  

Places of interest



Attention!! Sunday January 17,2016
             Installation Dinner
Location: Hershey Italian Lodge
128 Hillcrest Road Hershey, PA
January 17Sunday (Von Neida )      August 20 Saturday (Rossister)
Installation Banquet Italian Lodge   Ice Cream Run (Leb/Lanc. Co.

February 20 Saturday (Von Neida)  September 25 Sunday (Antonicelli)
Latimore Valley Museum (EMMR)     Fall Foliage Run (Suprise)

March 26 Saturday (Hickernell)       Oct  5-6-7-8     Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat
Elephant Auction (Ltl Kutztown )      AACA Fall Meet

April 9 Saturday  (Nice)               November 5 Saturday (Dundore)
VP Winery Run   (TBD)                Pot Pie & Toys for Tots  (LTL Kutztown)

May 14 Saturday (Funck)             December 14 WEDNESDAY
Breakfast Run  (Myerstown          Christmas Dinner (Indiantown Gap)
(Myerstown  Stone Ridge)

June 18  Saturday (Houser)         Arrive in style in an old car
Presidents Run (Wolf Sanctuary)
                                                An old vehicle journey for a PAD event
                                                 Is half the fun of the event.
July 16  Saturday (Funck)
Summer Picnic ( Bachnanville)       Tentative Details
                                  Check or call: Terry Von Neida