History of the Lebanon Motor Works

The first Upton built by the Upton Motor Company  in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, was completed on January 10, 1905. It was a five passenger touring car with a 30-horsepower engine.  

These four-cylinder cars were furnished with double chain drive and headlights that turned with the steering.

The car was shipped to New York  City for the automobile show at Madison Square Garden.  The price was $2,500 with gas light, a horn and tools.  A top cost $200 extra.  The total sales for 1905 was about 15 cars.  The 1906 model was improved and enlarged.  The engine was a larger 40- horsepower and the price increased to $3000.

The Upton for 1907 was unchanged.  Few cars were built and sold. Production of the Upton ended with the 1907 model.  In the spring of 1907 the Lebanon Motor Works retired from business.The Upton Motor Company 12th & Walnut Streets, Lebanon PA            

The building is presently occupied by Jubliee Ministries.